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AutoLabe Label Applicators

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Autolabe 110 Applicator

Model 110

Automatic Wipe-On Label Applicator

The Wipe-On Applicator is best suited for flat surfaces, slightly tapered or convex surfaces.

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Autolabe 130 Applicator

Model 130

Blow-On Automatic Label Applicator

Designed for non-contact applications or where container recessed areas require accurate label placement, this Blow-On Applicator works at any angle and special rotational mounts are available.

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Autolabe 140 Applicator

Model 140

Tamp-Down Automatic Label Applicator

The Model 140 Automatic Tamp-Down Label Applicator applies a pressure sensitive label utilizing a positive tamp action to ensure completed label adhesion on the product container or package.

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Autolabe 151 Applicator

Model 151

Print & Apply Label Applicator

The Model 151 features a new PLC controlled Print & Apply Labeling System that accepts all Industrial Print Engines. This Print & Apply unit is designed for the most common Tamp-On, Tamp/Blow, Blow-On applications.

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Autolabe 155 Applicator

Model 155

Print & Apply Label Applicator

The new Model 155 Print & Apply Label Applicator incorporates an Allen Bradley Micro Logic PLC. This allows superior versatility and control for a wide variety of user applications. The Model 155 is available for Tamp, Blow, or Wipe-On configurations, and can be customized with several options

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Autolabe 550 Applicator

Model 550

Semi-Automatic Round Product Label Applicator

Model 550 Semi-Automatic Round Product Label Applicator is a very versatile labeler.

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Autolabe 560 Applicator

Model 560

Semi-Automatic Tamp-Down Label Applicator

The Model 560 Semi-Automatic Tamp Down Label Applicator is designed to label products which are either flat or slightly curved.

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