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Universal Label Applicators

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SL 1500 Label Applicator


Flat-Sided Label Applicator

This high performance stepper driven label applicator is designed to be modular for varying applications. The digitally controlled applicator can be configured as a wipe-on, tamp, tamp-blow, or blow-on applicator.

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R310 Label Applicator


Semi-Automatic Round Label Applicator

The R310 is used for roll on labeling from ampoules to gallons. Single or front & back labeling can be achieved with a push of a button.

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L60 Table Top Tamp Label Applicator

L60 Table Top Tamp

Semi-Automatic Tamp Apply Labeling System

The L60 Table Top Tamp is a made to order table top labeling system. It is one of the most versatile machines in the market today. The system can label flats, ovals, and many other unique shapes.

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R series Applicator

R320, R321, R322

Automatic Round Labeling System

The "R" series from Universal is a cylindrical labeling solution providing medium to high product output of round products. Built with an extra heavy duty system framework and high quality components.

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Contract Packager Applicator

Contract Packager Series

Featuring an extra heavy duty system framework, two (2) high performance stepper drives, add two (2) high performance servo drives, the CP series is not your run-of-the mill front & back labeling system.

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C205 Hot Stamp Imprinter

C205 Hot Stamp Imprinter

The C205 is a low cost solution to add product information like date and lot numbers to pressure sensitive labels.

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SL15 Label Applicator

Wipe-on Label Applicator

The L15 is a low cost, heavy duty clutch brake label applicator.

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L30 Label Applicator

L30 Wipe-on Label Applicator

The L30 is a compact, low cost clutch brake label applicator.

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L60 Tamp, Tamp-Blow, or Blow-On Label Applicator

L60 Tamp, Tamp-Blow, or Blow-On

The L60 Tamp, Tamp-Blow, or Blow-On is as versatile as it is accurate.

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Universal Print and Apply

Universal Print & Apply (UPA II) Printer Applicator

Universal Print & Apply (UPA II) Printer Applicator is leading edge technology in product identification.

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