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Fixed Mount
Barcode Scanners

High Mark 8100 Series

8100 Series

The 8100 series is designed to inspect products for readable barcodes, RFID or OCR data and is capable of reading in excess of 1000 products per minute. The system will provide a "no-read" output signal if a code is not present. The H8100 features a text display and will record alarms with a time and date stamp.

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Microscan MS-3 Microscan

MS-3 Compact Laser

The MS-3 Laser offers the fastest read performance in an embedded compact bar code scanner. The wide scan angle of 70 degrees is coupled with ultra-compact size and flexible mounting.

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Microscan QX-830 Microscan


The QX-830 laser scanner combines flexible connectivity with high performance decoding capabilities to reliably read 1D barcodes in almost any automation environment. In addition to the Quick Connect System and X-Mode Technology, the QX-830 features IP65 industrial sealing and optional embedded Ethernet protocols.

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Microscan QX-870 Microscan


The QX-870 laser scanner partners the latest technologies in barcode reading and connectivity into an easy to use solution for barcode track, trace and control applications. It features a programmable sweeping raster to read multiple codes, in varying locations, even if they are damaged or misaligned.

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Palco offers a wide variety of scanners. High-Mark, MicroScan, Motorola, LXE, Datalogic, Honeywell, Opticon and more
not all are listed here, call us and we will help you find what best fits your needs