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Non-Porous Web Roll Coders

Non-Porous Web Roll Coder

These coders are ideal for web printing applications. It features a unique ink reservoir which automatically re-inks the cartridge.

Additional Neoprene Ink Cartridges and disposable ink reservoirs are available. See Coder Inks.

SL/NPW Coder

This low-maintenance coder is ideal for web printing. It uses neoprene ink cartridges. These pre-inked cartridges are disposable, or can be re-inked using ink reservoirs with matching colors.

Print area:

  • 15/16" x 17" (23.81 mm x 431.8 mm)

SL/NPW Mini Coder

This low-maintenance coder is deal for high-volume web coding in a small print areas.

Print area:

  • 15/16" x 9" (23.81 mm x 228.6 mm)

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