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Hydra Series

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Industrial High Resolution Inkjet

The RSI Hydra Series inkjet printers are designed for both primary and secondary package printing. Using HP Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) technology, the Hydra Series is an industrial inkjet printer you can count on. HP print cartridges or optional bulk ink delivery system consistently prints high resolution for optimal text and barcode readability.

The Hydra Series offers 4 different models so that you can choose a system that best works for your needs and environment.

The 4 Hydra models are the Hydra 2000, Hydra 4000, Hydra X, and Hydra Xi.

At-a-Glance Hydra Series Industrial Inkjets

All of the Hydra Inkjet printers come with a full array of standard features.

Hydra 2000 and Hydra Xi Printers

Hydra 2000

Hydra 4000

Hydra X

Hydra Xi (Integrated)

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PDF LogoHydra 2000 [.pdf]

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PDF LogoHydra X [.pdf]

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