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Drop On Demand (DOD) Inks

Large Character Inks

Drop On Demand (DOD) inks are integrated valve large character printheads. Some examples are Diagraph, Zanasi, Marsh, etc...

There are two types of DOD inks:

TSO - Non-Porous inks available

ink dotTSO-1 Black Ink

ink dotTSO-101 Ink

ink dotTSO-2 Red Ink

ink dotTSO-3 Green Ink

ink dotTSO-3100 Black Ink

ink dotTSO-3200 Black Water Wash Off Ink

ink dotTSO-4 Blue Ink

ink dotTSO-4300 Black MEK Ink

ink dotTSO-4400 Blue MEK Ink

ink dotTSO-5100 Black Ink

ink dotTSO-6 Yellow Ink

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TWP - Porous inks available

ink dotDurabrite Orange

ink dotTWP-1 Black Ink

ink dotTWP-101 Black Ink

ink dotTWP-101 Ink

ink dotTWP-2 Red Ink

ink dotTWP-3 Green Ink

ink dotTWP-4 Bright Blue Ink

ink dotTWP-4400 Black MEK Ink

ink dotTWP-5 Purple Ink

ink dotTWP-6 Yellow Ink

ink dotTWP-9 Brown Ink

ink dotTWP-GB Black Ink

ink dotTWP-WR Black Ink

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