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Flexo Color Builds

We are a Flexographic print shop also known as Flexo. While there are many benefits to Flexo printing there are some limitations when printing screens with very low percentages. Screened Colors, also known as your color percentage, should not have a range of less than 2% unless 0. If there is screen percentages this low, during the plate making process it can be scrubbed partially or completely clean from the plate; causing unintended printing results. This effects things like color mixes, and is often most noticeable with gradients, glows, drop shadows, and soft transitions where colors fully fade out into white.

The best remedy is not to have any color mixed in the range below 1% and gradients end at 1%. Best practice is to remove this part of the screen or adjust your colors. Here are some examples.

Incorrect Flexo Color MixTwo green color swatchesCorrect Flexo Color Mix

If you have any questions regarding how to set up your files, Please contact your Account Executive or one of our graphic artists.