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Label Artwork Specifications

These are our suggested Artwork Specifications for best quality printing. We understand you might not always have the ability to get a high end graphics file. We will work with you to create a high quality label from what you can supply us. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us and we will help you with what will work out best.

Software Supported (Mac and PC versions)

Our preferred format is an Adobe Illustrator .AI file with all fonts converted to outlines or supplied with the file. If text is converted to outlines, we will not be able to make any minor text changes if needed. It is also a good a idea to send a PDF or Jpeg along with the file for viewing / visual verification. Layout programs like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Publisher not acceptable for pre-press production and will have to be recreated.

Adobe Illustrator - versions up to and including CS5.5

Provide file along with all high resolution links, fonts (if not outlined, and a PDF for a visual reference.

Adobe Photoshop - versions up to and including CS5.5

File should be set at full size with bleed. Minimum resolution of 300 dpi for images. Photoshop text is not recommended as it does not print clean edges and could appear blurry.

Adobe Indesign - versions up to and including CS5.5

Provide file along with all high resolution links, fonts, and a PDF for a visual reference.

Design Requirements

Include and embedded all images.

Image Resolution = minimum of 300 dpi | 600 dpi for line art (monochrome bitmap images)

This includes your Raster Settings (lower resolutions can be used but quality will suffer and can look pixelated and blurry)

All Colors should be set up as CMYK or Pantone (PMS) colors.

All Fonts should be turned to outlines/paths/curves or supplied with the artwork.

To see more on how to do this check out our Additional information on Converting Text to Outlines

Minimum Type Sizes for Best Quality for Flexo: (this is a general rule and can vary depending on the font used)

Process color builds = 7pt Bold
Sans = 2 pt
Serif = 3 pt
Reverse Sans = 2 pt Bold
Reverse Serif = 3 pt Bold

Strokes / Lines : Minimum .25 pt

Include Bleeds and Safe Zones on Finished art.

Screens & Colors should not have a range of less than 1% unless at 0.

To see more on screened colors check our Additional information on Color Builds

Full Bleeds and Layout Requirements

Minimum Bleed = 1/16” (.0625”)
Safe Zone Minimum = 1/16" (.0625") in from all edges

To see more details check out our Additional information on Bleeds & Safe Zones

Sending Artwork

The easiest way to send us files is via email in the recommended format.

We can receive email attachments up to about 10 Megabytes, but keep in mind that your email server may have smaller limits. If your files are larger and/or email proves to be unreliable, you can also upload files to our secure FTP site – please contact your Account Executive for details. If neither of these options are workable for you, please burn a CD-ROM and send it to us.

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