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Blank Labels

Whether your stationary printer is in a hot or cold environment, subjected to humid or dry conditions, or is in a dusty to clean factory, your printer supplies need to look right and perform. Palco's broad offering of blank labels deliver the results you need and the performance you expect for your printer type.

Thermal Transfer Labels

Thermal Transfer label printing, requiring a ribbon, is the popular choice when it comes to printing variable data on demand. Thermal Transfer labels offer greater durability, provide more protection against environmental conditions, and yields a longer shelf life.

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Direct Thermal Labels

Direct Thermal labels do not require a ribbon for printing data such as bar codes, text and graphics. Direct Thermal labels utilize a special thermally reactive coating on the label surface that reacts with the heat from the printer's printhead. Typically Direct Thermal applications require a shorter shelf life than Thermal Transfer applications.

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Inkjet / Laser Labels

Laser / Inkjet labels are used with laser and inkjet printers for printing data, anything from text to graphics.

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