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Safe Zones

Safe Zone or Clear Space is a printing term that refers to area within the cut/trim line where you can be sure important text and graphics will not be trimmed off the label inadvertently.

Palco requests that you allow a minimum of 1/16" or .0625" inside the trim line, we prefer to allow 1/8” .125” if the design allows, on all sizes, for the safe zone. In the image below, the safe area is shown with a dashed magenta line – make sure you keep all essential text and images in this space as anything in the blue area could be trimmed off do due shifts of the paper while running through the press. This is basically the same idea of the bleed but to insure that all your information remains on the label or final trimmed design.

The Blue line being the Die line or finished trim.
Dashed magenta line is the Safe Zone.

Safe Zones - Correct and Incorrect setups label printed showing shift in press with no safe zone setup

Remember that your clear space (Safe Zone) needs to be a minimum of 1/16" (.0625") on ALL Sides. So the safe zone is a total of 1/8" (.125") smaller than the final trim size. Text and important nonbleed art should be within the area of 1.875 inch circle; with the final trim size being a 2 inch circle. Ideally a 1/8" (.125") safe zone looks a little nicer and allows for a little press movement on the final trimmed piece if the design can allow for it.

If there is no clear space on your document you can see even the slightest movement on press can cause important information to be inadvertently trimmed off as you can see in the example on the left.