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Macsa K-1000 Laser Marking System

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Laser Marking

The K-1000 Series is the solution for marking your products with incredibly clear messages at minimal operational costs

Macsa K1000 System

The latest in laser technology along with the fact that you do not need an expensive and space consuming PC on the production line. This incredibly compact design along with an adjustable marking head ensures that you can install this system on even the most complicated production lines. The system can even be integrated with other manufacturer's equipment.

The easy to use system works through a combination of extremely fast mirror tracking systems and the most modern software and hardware. You can be assured of reliable high speed marking.

Using software, you can link several K-1000 laser systems together for even greater control and increased production. To increase the graphic features of the K-1000, a PC can be connected to the system using the full graphic interchange kit. All of these features ensure that every one of your products is marked with the same high degree of quality and performance guaranteeing accurate identification for the life of your products.

laser engraved red plastic bottle laser engraved water bottle

Systems are custom set up for your identification needs

Control by Options:

MARCA™ Software for High Resolution & Static Applications
via Ethernet TCP/IP

  • Easily Installed
  • Software Compatible with Windows 95/98/ Nt/Me/2000/Xp for High Resolution & Marca™
  • Software Supplied with Protection Key
  • Controls Laser Systems Via Ethernet Static Applications TCP/IP
  • Powerful WYSIWYG Design Editor
  • Zoom
  • Bar Codes
  • 2D Barcodes
  • Capable of Downloading BMP, JPG, GIF, TIF, PCX & other Graphic Files
  • Capable of Downloading DXF Vector Files with Multiple Import Options
  • Unlimited Layering
  • Character Filling Features
  • Object and Character Morphing
  • ODBC (Database) Features
  • Fill Object Features
  • True Type Text Fonts
  • MFF Font Editor
  • Messages Activated by Hourly, Daily or Monthly Changes
  • Networking Capabilities of Several Systems Via Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Access Registration for All Users
  • Creation of Reports in CPU Laser Memory
  • Synchronization of PC and Laser Clocks
  • "Auto Text" External Messages
  • Aligns The Selected Objects
  • Power, Frequency, Resolution and Speed Adjustments by Software
  • Configurable Function Keys

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