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Palco GVM Marker

All Purpose Permanent Valve-Action Marker

Environmentally Friendly!

Contains No Hazardous Chemicals or Air Pollutants

The Palco GVM marks permanently on an amazing variety of materials, including waxed cartons, stretch film, rough wood, glass, tape, boxes and labels, leather, polypropylene, polyethylene, rubber, pre-cast concrete, oily metal, urethane tags, plant markers, ABS plastics and more.

3 Palco GVM Markers


When you pick up Palco's GVM you know you are in control. The air-tight cap is easy to remove and keeps the nib ready to use. Advance Valve Technology allows you to control ink flow, while using up all the liquid ink inside the marker. The bullet-chisel tip gives you more marking options. When the tip wears out, you can replace it.

Made in the USA

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