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Label Rewinders

External Label Rewinders

Label Rewinders wind labels into a roll as they come out of a printer. Without a Rewinder, you have to gather the labels by hand once the printing job is finished. A Rewinder is more convenient and saves time and effort.

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Rewinders are easy to set up and silent in operation.


MC10-A Label Rewinder

The MINI-CAT-10A (MC-10A) has a 3-inch diameter core holder. You can also use the included "coreless rewind" feature to rewind directly on-shaft.

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MC11 Label Rewinder


The MINI-CAT-11 (MC-11) includes a precision-crafted Adjustable Core Holder that adjusts in seconds to accept any core diameter from 1-inch to 4-inches (25- to 102-mm). The MC-11 will also do coreless rewinding.

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