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Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Signature Series™ Resin

Signature Series™ Resin thermal transfer ribbons deliver excellent smudge and scratch-resistant performance in your most demanding applications. It can withstand extreme heat and UV exposure and, in many cases, eliminates the need for over laminates.

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R300 General Purpose Resin

General Purpose

R300 thermal transfer ribbon's extensive label adaptability and high print speed capability makes it the most diverse resin of its kind. It outperforms the competition in abrasion and solvent resistance.

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R316 Specialty Heat Resistant Resin

Specialty Heat Resistant

R316 is unique in the industry — the best resin thermal transfer ribbon for printing on coated and synthetic paper substrates. It is also able to withstand environmental temperatures of up to 220 C (428 F) making it perfect for applications like heat tunnel passage.

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R350 Permanent Care Resin

R350 thermal transfer ribbon is a durable resin for special garment care applications. It has incredible steam resistant qualities and is dry clean and laundry safe. This highly versatile thermal transfer ribbon prints on woven and nonwoven fabrics, films, synthetics, and satins.

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R390 Near Edge Resin

Near Edge

R390 thermal transfer ribbons offer the same quality resin printing as the popular R300 for near edge applications. R390 thermal transfer ribbon is extremely versatile on a wide variety of substrates and also prints at extremely high speeds for faster turnaround.

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R396 High Speed Durable Near Edge Resin

R396 thermal transfer ribbons boast print speeds up to 26 IPS (660mm per second) making this thermal transfer ribbon the choice for high-speed flexible packaging applications.

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R510C Durable Color Resin

Color Resin

R510C thermal transfer ribbons offer the same incredible durability as our R510 Ultra Durable Resin. R510C is the industry's toughest color resin thermal transfer ribbon capable of handling extreme environmental labeling.

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R510W Durable White Resin

R510W Durable White Resin thermal transfer ribbons offer the same incredible durability as R510 Ultra Durable Resin thermal transfer ribbon.

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R510 Ultra Durable Resin

R510 thermal transfer ribbon has no substitute — it is the toughest resin thermal transfer ribbon on the market. R510 is the only resin thermal transfer ribbon capable of handling extreme environmental labeling with our unmatched scratch and solvent resistance.

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TR3370 High Opacity White Resin

TR3370 thermal transfer ribbons, were specifically formulated for PVC shrink tubing and is highly resistant to ethanol and isopropanol. This thermal transfer ribbon prints well on black, clear, and silver synthetic substrates.

TR4070 Classic Resin

TR4070 thermal transfer ribbon carries widespread agency approval, including meeting the FDA's requirements for indirect food contact.

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