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DNP - Premium Resin-Enhanced Wax

Thermal Transfer Ribbon

The industry's leading wax product since its introduction to the market in November 2000, TR4085plus™ features SmoothCoat® backcoat with a 4 Million Linear Inch Guarantee. This unique ink formulation dissipates static and is versatile enough to print on a wide variety of label stocks. No other wax product beats TR4085plus™ when it comes to print edge definition for crisp, rotated bar codes and dark, durable images.

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Colors Available

A variety of sizes are available. Our knowledgeable team can help you find what is needed for your printer model.


  • Analog 20/20 & 8220
  • Auto-P PI-100
  • Auto-P PI-4000
  • CIM
  • Citizen CLP8301
  • Datamax
  • Denniso
  • FUGI
  • Intermec 3400, 3440, 3600, 8646
  • Intermec 4420/4440
  • Intermec PF8
  • Intermec PM4I
  • Monarch 9401
  • Monarch 9800,20,25,30,50
  • Paxar
  • Printronix 2204
  • RJS
  • S84 Series
  • Sato
  • Sharp Auto Pack
  • Tec B-452
  • TEC-852
  • UBI 301/501/601
  • Zebra

Recommended Substrates

  • Coated/uncoated paper & tag stocks
  • Synthetic paper
  • Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyolefin
  • Kimdura®
  • Valeron®
  • Polyart®
  • Gloss paper
  • Flood-coated paper
  • UV varnished labels


  • Prints on a wide variety of substrates from uncoated papers to mid-range synthetic films
  • Prints at high speeds (12 IPS) delivering crisp, rotated bar codes
  • Dissipates static, resulting in hassle-free, low maintenance thermal transfer solutions
  • Enhanced smudge and scratch resistance
  • Superior print quality on flood-coated labels
  • Unbeatable Edge Definition™ for dark, dense images and improved scan rates

Contact us today and talk to a knowledgeable representative to answer any questions, or to place an order.