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Hitachi Industrial Continuous Inkjet Printers

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Hitachi Industrial Continuous Inkjet Printer Products are suitable for a wide array of industrial multiple marking and coding in packaging applications from high-speed, micro to large character printing. Hitachi Industrial Inkjet Printers bring well proven, state-of-the-art equipment technology with more than 35 years of reliable performance. Hitachi Industrial Continuous Inkjet Printers support track and traceability requirements on any product packaging surface.


2016 coding and Marking Leader in Packaging by Packaging World

We are pleased to announce Hitachi America Limited as a Leader of Coding and Marking by Packaging World readership.

Hitachi RX Series


Hitachi Industrial RX-2-B Model Continuous Inkjet Printers are designed for a wide range of printing applications that require small, micro or larger character printing.

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PH Series printer


Hitachi’s UX Series continuous inkjet printers represent the pinnacle of innovation in marking and coding technology, all while showcasing Hitachi’s reputation for Reliability, Efficiency, and Ease of Use.

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PXR Series

The freely-programmable PXR Ink Jet Printers are intended for industrial applications. The printer's mode of operation is based on the Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) principle. Possible uses range from the simplest applications, like printing the date, to complex applications in which the printer can be integrated in a system of machines via a network connection.

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Traversing System

Hitachi Traversing System

Print across multiple lanes of packaged food or other products to code multiple packages in one movement.

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