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Small Character Continuous Inkjet Printer

The freely-programmable PXR Inkjet Printers are intended for industrial applications. The printer’s mode of operation is based on the Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) principle. Possible uses range from the simplest applications, like printing the date, to complex applications in which the printer can be integrated in a system of machines via a network connection. The optimized print head can be installed in any position and produces a 1 to 4-line printed image in consistently good quality – even on uneven or structured surfaces.

The use of a wide range of different inks enables the marking of extremely diverse materials like films, glass, metal, plastic, paper etc. virtually regardless of the environment. The choice ranges from different standard inks to special inks that are colorfast, heat resistant and can be read with UV. Example uses are MHD, lot numbers, logos, barcodes, consecutive numbering, production data like the date, time etc.

2016 coding and Marking Leader in Packaging by Packaging World

We are pleased to announce Hitachi America Limited as a Leader of Coding and Marking by Packaging World readership.


Environmentally Friendly!

print on wire white pigment print

Hitachi is committed to protecting our environment by providing you eco-friendly products. Hitachi Industrial PXR Series Continuous Inkjet Printers offer a unique ink circulation system that reduces typical fluid usage by 50 percent, contributing to lower solvent emissions.

  • Hitachi PXR series improved design decreases the amount of raw materials that affect the environment and is in full compliance with the guidelines as set forth in the RoHS directive issued by the European Union [RoHS directive: The restriction of the use of lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, PBBs, PBDEs, cadmium by the European union]
  • Environment friendly inks - Ethanol, Acetone based and Chromium-free inks - are available
  • Solvent evaporation is greatly reduced by the state-of-the-art ink circulation system


  • Environmentally Friendly
  • High Print Quality
  • User Friendly - Features a 10.4-inch color TFT liquid crystal touch-panel display, on screen instructions for troubleshooting, and step by step guidance for maintenance functions
  • High Reliability
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Reliable Printhead
  • Date / Time automatic update
  • Calendar Substitution Function
  • Basic Counters
  • Inter-line Space/ Inter-character Space
  • Reciprocative Printing
  • Speed Follow Function or Encoder Function
  • Print Start Delay Function
  • Consecutive Printing Function
  • Software Options

Models: PXR-D, PXR-P, PXR-H



  • Dye Printer for Micro, Small and Larger Small Characters
  • Various Ink types
  • Print on extremely small marking areas
  • Operating Temps: 0 - 133°F (JP-k67 & JP-k69)


  • High Speed Printer for printing on lines of wire, cans, etc
  • New and improved nozzle control method

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PDF LogoPXR-P Datasheet
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PDF LogoPXR-H Datasheet
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